Betting Shop

New Street, Huddersfield

We were asked to provide advice on the prospects of securing planning permission for a betting shop use within a listed building in a primary shopping street in Huddersfield Town Centre.  A recent planning appeal had been unsuccessful and a subsequent planning application had also been refused permission.

The main issue was the loss of a retail unit in a primary shopping streetWe compiled new evidence to demonstrate that the Council’s policies were          out-of-date because New Street was no longer a primary retail location in the town; that betting offices generated activity similar to many retail businesses; and that there was no realistic prospect of the premises being occupied if the appeal was dismissed.  This evidence was presented as part of a new planning application.  Planning Officers supported the new application but it was refused permission by the CouncilWe conducted an appeal by the hearing procedure and the decision letter, which allowed the change of use, was issued in December 2012.

We have extensive experience of dealing with proposals for non-retail uses such as building societies and estate agents, cafes and restaurants, pubs and bars, hot food takeaways and amusement centres and arcades.