Cables Retail Park


Cables Retail Park at Prescot (Merseyside) formed part of the BICC Cables site.  It was identified by Knowsley Council for the development of a mix of uses comprising employment and shopping uses.  New retail development was intended to remedy a shortfall in provision at Prescot and assist regeneration by making the town a more attractive place in which to live.  At the time the site was acquired by Brookhouse it had the benefit of planning permission for a modest retail scheme.  We have acted for Brookhouse securing planning permission for a larger supermarket, increasing the range of non‑food retail units and removing restrictions on the ranges of goods that may be sold from the development.

We have also been involved in efforts to improve the connectivity of Cables Retail Park with the traditional core of the town centre, a little distance to the north.  Various planning permissions have been granted for commercial development on Sewell Street which provides a link.

Cables Retail Park subsequently became a key component of the Council’s Regeneration Strategy for Prescot.  It is a major source of local employment and provides Prescot residents with modern shopping meeting the original aspiration of the Council for this site.

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